Monday, May 20, 2013

Oh, Tomorrow

I cannot wait for tomorrow.  It will be the first day we see our baby.  I can't wait to hear her/his heartbeat.  I am hopeful we will find out the gender, but right now I don't really care if we find out.  I just can't believe I get to see my baby!

A year ago, I was wanting days to pass by simply because I wanted to get out of the hard times.  Last week, I wanted days to pass by so I could hurry up and get to tomorrow.  Tonight-I want time to stand still.  As eager as I am to see my baby, I love excitement.  I love anticipation.  I am so content to just sit here and daydream about our baby: Tomorrow it all becomes a reality. 

I am so excited to get a glimpse of our baby.  I am so interested, as I'm sure most expecting parents are, to get some idea of what they look like.  I love day dreaming ahead a couple of years-and I love that I have no idea what they will look like.  Obviously not Michael or I.  I bet they will be more beautiful than anything Mike or I could have created anyway! husband is ridiculously handsome :)

I was reading our 'Wishes for Baby" book that my sister in law made for us at my baby shower.  I love it so much!! I love that so many people are dreaming for this baby, just like we are.  It got me thinking of my own wishes for the baby too...

If tomorrow we find out we will have a daughter, I hope she has my spunk.  Yes, that comes with a little stubbornness, but I hope she is a spunky one!  I hope she cares as much about other people as my mom does....even if that means she cries as much as she does!  My mom cares (and yes worries) so much for my big bro and I.  I want my baby girl to know she is my world just like we were (and still are) my moms.  I hope she loves her family the way my mother in law does.  No matter how much time we spend together, she always wants more.  Seems like a good problem to have :) I hope our baby grows up to be like that too.  I don't care that she won't look like me.  I just hope she takes it easy on her daddy, since she would have him wrapped around her little finger.

Saw a cute little quote (Pinterest of course...) 'I don't have my daddy's eyes, I have his heart.'
If tomorrow we find out we will have a son, I hope he grows up to be just like his daddy.  Seriously. JUST LIKE HIS DADDY.  I hope he loves others the way his daddy does. And I hope he has his daddy's unwavering faith too.  I hope he has my dad's work ethic, and put his whole heart into everything just the way his Papa does.  I was just talking with my husband-and I wanted to know his wishes for the baby.  He if it is a boy he hopes he has the kindness and respect for people, like his Grandpa does.  Michael's dad is one the kindest people I've ever met, so I hope our baby boy learns that from his Grandpa too :)  Oh-and I hope he has compassion just like our Godson.  He sees the best in everything, and I hope our baby learns that from him.

That's all I have for now. 

This is a short one, because even though I have so much on my mind, I don't really have much to say.  I am just overwhelmed with excitement!


  1. Thank you Sara!!!! you are and will continue to be 'my world'!!!excited for you for tomorrow too!!! Love you more than you know!!! Mom

  2. We're all so excited for you! By now you should have had the the chance to see your baby. Can't wait to hear about your reaction!