Saturday, May 11, 2013


We can't hardly believe we are saying this, in fact as we told our parents, family and friends it still didn't seem real to us...


Our baby will be born in September, and we will get to take s/he home from the hospital!! We were so blessed to have met our birthmom through a friend at church.  Our birthmom, 'A' is just amazing.  If we were to meet under any circumstances, we would be friends.  I can't even put into words how highly I think of her and how much I appreciate this HUGE sacrifice she is making.  When this all starts to set in a little more I hope I am able to fully express my love for her.

We meet 'A' a couple of weeks ago.  Right from the beginning, things just clicked.  She then met with our agency a couple of times, her and I talked, and she decided she is ready to move forward with us. I still am in shock.

As things set in, we will explain more.  But for now, we are just overjoyed and are celebrating!! I LOVED seeing peoples reactions.  That has meant so much to us.

So, today (with my family) and tomorrow-I get to celebrate my first Mother's Day.  In 4 short months, I will be a mom!!

We need to again, say thank you.  I have said it before, I will say it again, and our baby will grow up knowing: God is so in control.  I have never felt so led by Him, like this, before.  This is such an amazing feeling to literally see, plain as day, God's hand at work in my life.  It is simply beyond words. 

Thanks for celebrating with us!!!



  1. This was the best Mother's day gift ever!!! We are so overjoyed!!! This baby is such a great addition to our family!!! We love you!!! Mom and Dad

  2. So EXCITED right along with you guys! We can not wait to meet our newest grandbaby!
    Love you <3

  3. We are so excited for you and Mike! I cant wait to meet your baby in 4 months :) God is good and has placed this precious child with the two most amazing people i know! Love you two and so excited :)

  4. Wow! What a gift from God for you, the baby and the birth mom. You've all experience losses of your own, but you are all gaining so much, too, knowing that the baby was given life by his/her birth mom and hand-picked to be raised by you as his/her parents. Your child will come to know that he/she was wanted and loved by all involved, because God has a special plan for this child's life. No child is an accident! What a special treasure this little life is! So thankful that you are blessed to become a mom and dad!