Friday, April 5, 2013

Shower Anticipation

I still can't believe my baby shower is tomorrow.  I think most people say their shower is great because they get to celebrate their baby and get a bunch of stuff that they need.  Yes, this is still true for us, but tomorrow just has some deeper feelings for me.
Sometimes, our adoption seems so much like a business transaction.  We do this, pay that, work hard, and then we get the baby.  It just doesn't always seem real that we are getting a BABY! Maybe it's because we don't know when, or maybe it's because reality just hasn't set in yet.  Boy, it is setting in tonight.
The other reason this shower seems so important to me, is this baby stuff isn't just stuff.  These are at times the only connection I have to our baby.  These things are the little rays of sunshine I need when I have moments of doubt, or a hard night of waiting. 
Another big factor for me, is everyone's excitement.   People have been so generous in supporting us, and this is just another way.  It just reminds me of how extra blessed this baby will be since so many people are waiting, wishing and working right along side of us to bring this baby home.  People think 9 months is a long time for parents, grandparents, etc. to wait.  Well, we are currently at 3 years of waiting and anticipation (since we started trying to have a family)! I am just so blessed to have so many people that, although this may be uncharted territory for them (just as it is for us), they are standing by our side just has anxious for the future as we are.
So, Baby Matzke-tomorrow we are celebrating you, but we are also celebrating all of the amazing people that are helping, loving, supporting your future mom and dad while we prepare and wait for you.
To our friends and family-tonight, just know how grateful we are for you, and that you are in OUR prayers of thankfulness.

I'll be sure to post pictures and updates after the shower!


  1. Once again Sara you amaze me!! I can't wait for you to be a MOM!!! Continue to focus on 'your little rays of sunshine' until you can hold your ray of sunshine!!!! I am also excited for tomorrow to celebrate you and your family!!! Love you forever!!

  2. Wish we could be there, can't wait to see pictures! xoxo

    Catie and Lawrence

  3. So excited for today :) People stand by you and are excited too because you and Michael are amazing and will be amazing parents! The child u get will be blessed to have u two as parents! Love ya girl...and cant wait to celebrate with u today!

  4. Thanks to all 3 of you!!! You guys are so sweet and so good to us