Sunday, April 7, 2013

Baby Shower!!

Well, it is safe to say that my baby shower FAR exceeded anything I thought a baby shower could be! Everything, literally everything, was perfect. The decorations were adorable, the food was so yummy and the table was so cute.
Yellow Lanterns (this will soon be in the nursery!

Little ducks in the water...

I made adoption quotes on signs all around the house

My sister (in law) made an adorable book where everyone wrote wishes for the baby.  Michael and I loved reading those!!!

The table was GORGEOUS! They thought of everything.  The food was all of my favorite desserts.  We had rice krispie treats with colorful sprinkles, yummy different kinds of brownies, nuts, and a make it yourself fruit pizza station with sugar cookies and AWESOME frosting! It was a big hit! Of course, there were cute little baby things all over, which I loved!

This sign was something that I made, and I hope everyone had the chance to read it.  It was just simply a 'thank you' from Michael and I.  We just are constantly overwhelmed with gratitude and I wanted everyone who came that day to know how appreciate they are!
This mom to be got to enjoy a little sangria on her special day!

We played some fun ADOPTION games too! The best one was the guess who quiz.  They were given several clues to try to guess which adopted famous person was being described.  It was really fun, and we all learned how common adoption is becoming! Then we played bingo while I opened gifts! We were soo thankful for all the gifts we received, check out how stocked up we got:
Thank you to all of these wonderful people (and those we didn't get pictures of!) for coming, giving, and celebrating with me!:

AND Especially thank you to these 3, for planning such a fun perfect day, right when I needed it the most!!!!!!!!
Adoption Baby Showers are awesome, and whichever way you become a mama, you deserve a fun filled day to celebrate while you wait for the arrival of your new little one!

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  1. It was so much fun! It was a perfect way to celebrate the child u will get and to know how many people are behind you two through this process. I am so happy for you and Michael and like i always say...i cant wait to meet your bundle of joy :)