Saturday, April 20, 2013

Growing in my heart photos

I love pictures.  I never used to, until I married into the Matzke family, and it didn't become an option anymore ;).  Michael & I decided to take a few 'maternity' adoption photos.  We're expecting a baby just like other soon-to-be parents, we just don't know when!

Here are ours:

I love my husband.  Even if he thinks things might be cheesy, he'll do it for me.  Throughout this whole process he has done literally everything he possibly can (and then some more) to make me smile on the hard days, give me hope when I'm full of doubt, and has 100% kept the faith, even on days when I am lacking my own.  THANKS MJ for being so awesome!
An update on the BABY BOTTLE FUNDRAISER! We are currently at $433.83!!!  And we still know of lots of people who are filling up more! If you returned yours and want it back, please let us know.  OR if you know of anyone else to pass a bottle along to, let us know that too.  This is an ongoing thing, so there's really not a rush to fill them up.  I just can't believe how successful this has been in such a short amount of time.
ADOPTION UPDATE: We are STILL waiting to hear back from the CBI.  Can you believe it? Good grief.  Also, I was sad to hear that our social worker, Beth, left Nightlight.  She was very positive about the agency, and said she really hopes to go back but just needs more time with her family right now.  So, I've met who will be taking over our case, Cheri, and she is nice too, but I will really miss Beth.  We just hit it off so well.  In the meantime, we did get a local clearance from our PD so Nightlight can show our profile.  There was a birthmom in CO who was really considering us, but she ended up going with another family who already had a child.  At first, I was a little bummed.  But then I realized those people have been waiting, praying and wishing just like we have, so I am so excited for them and it just gives me hope for when our time comes!
One last thing: We are planning/hoping to have our ADOPTIONPALOZZA on Saturday, July 27th.  We need items for the silent auction! It can be something you made, own, etc (like a gift basket of wine & glasses, concert/sports paraphernalia, I mean anything of value) to a service offered (if you're a house cleaner, photographer, etc) that you are willing to DONATE please contact us.  Also-we would love if we could get drinks donated or if we can buy them at a discounted rate.  If you have any connections or can buy some beer and soda in bulk or would be willing to make some desserts, that'd be great.  If you are willing and able to help please let us know!  As of now, we have the location and meat donated-as far as we know.  These next couple of weeks we'd like to get somethings set in stone so we can get the word out.
That's all for now!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Baby Shower!!

Well, it is safe to say that my baby shower FAR exceeded anything I thought a baby shower could be! Everything, literally everything, was perfect. The decorations were adorable, the food was so yummy and the table was so cute.
Yellow Lanterns (this will soon be in the nursery!

Little ducks in the water...

I made adoption quotes on signs all around the house

My sister (in law) made an adorable book where everyone wrote wishes for the baby.  Michael and I loved reading those!!!

The table was GORGEOUS! They thought of everything.  The food was all of my favorite desserts.  We had rice krispie treats with colorful sprinkles, yummy different kinds of brownies, nuts, and a make it yourself fruit pizza station with sugar cookies and AWESOME frosting! It was a big hit! Of course, there were cute little baby things all over, which I loved!

This sign was something that I made, and I hope everyone had the chance to read it.  It was just simply a 'thank you' from Michael and I.  We just are constantly overwhelmed with gratitude and I wanted everyone who came that day to know how appreciate they are!
This mom to be got to enjoy a little sangria on her special day!

We played some fun ADOPTION games too! The best one was the guess who quiz.  They were given several clues to try to guess which adopted famous person was being described.  It was really fun, and we all learned how common adoption is becoming! Then we played bingo while I opened gifts! We were soo thankful for all the gifts we received, check out how stocked up we got:
Thank you to all of these wonderful people (and those we didn't get pictures of!) for coming, giving, and celebrating with me!:

AND Especially thank you to these 3, for planning such a fun perfect day, right when I needed it the most!!!!!!!!
Adoption Baby Showers are awesome, and whichever way you become a mama, you deserve a fun filled day to celebrate while you wait for the arrival of your new little one!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Shower Anticipation

I still can't believe my baby shower is tomorrow.  I think most people say their shower is great because they get to celebrate their baby and get a bunch of stuff that they need.  Yes, this is still true for us, but tomorrow just has some deeper feelings for me.
Sometimes, our adoption seems so much like a business transaction.  We do this, pay that, work hard, and then we get the baby.  It just doesn't always seem real that we are getting a BABY! Maybe it's because we don't know when, or maybe it's because reality just hasn't set in yet.  Boy, it is setting in tonight.
The other reason this shower seems so important to me, is this baby stuff isn't just stuff.  These are at times the only connection I have to our baby.  These things are the little rays of sunshine I need when I have moments of doubt, or a hard night of waiting. 
Another big factor for me, is everyone's excitement.   People have been so generous in supporting us, and this is just another way.  It just reminds me of how extra blessed this baby will be since so many people are waiting, wishing and working right along side of us to bring this baby home.  People think 9 months is a long time for parents, grandparents, etc. to wait.  Well, we are currently at 3 years of waiting and anticipation (since we started trying to have a family)! I am just so blessed to have so many people that, although this may be uncharted territory for them (just as it is for us), they are standing by our side just has anxious for the future as we are.
So, Baby Matzke-tomorrow we are celebrating you, but we are also celebrating all of the amazing people that are helping, loving, supporting your future mom and dad while we prepare and wait for you.
To our friends and family-tonight, just know how grateful we are for you, and that you are in OUR prayers of thankfulness.

I'll be sure to post pictures and updates after the shower!