Sunday, February 10, 2013

More Baby Stuff!

Well, thanks to our family our baby storage is growing! We have some gender neutral and a lot of boy clothes. If you know of anyone getting rid of baby girl clothes (0-9 months) let us know! We don't need/want too much, just enough to get us by the first couple of weeks. We realize that the more avenues we pursue, the bigger chance there is of us not having a whole lot of notice. Which is just dandy by us! Whether it is just getting prepared or over-excitment, I love seeing that empty room slowly evolve into a nursery!

 Here's a couple pictures of soon-to-be (hopefully!) daddy Mike setting up the crib...

Here is our sweet pup Halli.  She will be so great when that baby comes.  She loves checking out the new baby things that we are getting!

Here is our nursery closet (currently storing all of our baby stuff)...
Sometimes this doesn't all seem quite real to me, maybe because we have no idea how long it could be, maybe a month, maybe a year only God knows.  Regardless, I am feeling so blessed to be surrrounded by people who are just so excited to stand with us as we pray, wait, and prepare for our little bundle of joy. 
I was reading another blog that an adopting family had started, and while they were waiting for placement they made a list of things they'd like to do to keep busy.  I think Michael and I might work on something like that. 
Just a quick update on where we are...the end of February we will be taking our CORE training classes.  Sometime between now and then we are meeting with the birth mom counselor from NightLight.  I spoke with her on the phone and she is so friendly and encouraging, I am excited to get to know her.  Hopefully by the first week of March all of our classes and Home Study will be done, and then we pray and wait to be matched with a little sweetie.  In the meantime we'll keep working on the nursery, and start on our portfolio for birth parents. 
That's all from here for now.   Thanks for the ongoing encouragement, I know I say that often, but it means to world to us.


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