Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Stupid Flu!

Well, we finally got slightly off track.  We were suppose to have our 3rd meeting with Beth this evening, but I am stuck home sick with the stomach flu.  Michael and I both had it, but he didn't have it as severely and was up and at it a lot sooner than I was.

We haven't rescheduled the meeting yet.  I'm waiting until I am back to normal for a couple days before we make a plan.

Also-we got our first check from our Just Love Coffee fundraiser! At the end of each month they send us our portion of the proceeds!!  It is ongoing, so if you're a coffee drinker or need a good gift check out our website: https://justlovecoffee.com/babymatzke

Sorry this is short! There's not much to say & I'm ready to crawl back into bed!

Thanks for the well wishes!

Oh wait, any thoughts on these color choices for the nursery? We're having a hard time deciding on a gender neutral theme...I know it's hard to tell what it'd look like in a baby room.


  1. I approve of your color choices.

  2. Color choices would be perfect for gender neutral nursery :)