Wednesday, January 30, 2013


This is going to be a lengthy one, so consider yourself warned!

Today was our 3rd and final interview with Beth.  In a couple of weeks after the home study is written and has been approved we will have one last meeting just so we can read over what all will be submitted.  She said she has no concerns and expects it will all go smoothly.  This is a huge weight off of our shoulders! Our next few things to work on is to take our CORE class, put together the nursery, and make our adoption-birthmom portfolio.  Then...we wait!

The meeting tonight was my favorite one so far.  At dinner Michael said how amazing it feels to have someone from the outside looking in say how wonderful our relationship is.  She complimented us so many times and said the love we share is obvious and that she can't wait to see us with a baby! Besides talking about our marriage, we went over some parenting topics and learned a little bit about attachment disorders.  I guess since we are adopting a newborn I didn't pay much attention to attachment issues, but now I realize it is something we really need to be aware of.  Basically, for 9 months the baby is bonding with the birthmom, and then all of the sudden it's born and he/she doesn't just automatically know that we are the parents.  I am praying that even though the adoption won't be final, that maybe the birthmom will let me do some skin to skin contact right after they are born.  Another big difference about an adoptive baby is that we have to build that attachment more so then biological relationships, because they don't know who we are.  They have to learn the sounds of our voices, our smells, etc.  So, as part of this, the baby should really only be with us.  Now, this does NOT mean that people cannot come over and see the baby, we really hope lots of people will! But, it does mean that the majority of the time Michael and I will be holding him/her, we will do all the feeding, changing, napping etc.  I'm excited to have a good excuse to hog the baby all to myself :) In all seriousness though, I know this won't be the easiest thing.  For example, we really won't be leaving the house beyond what is necessary for awhile.  (Besides going to the station.  It's important that the baby bonds with Michael too, so we will be there a lot at first so the baby can be with him too!) We had originally hoped to have a big baptism/meet the baby/etc party after we bring the baby home, but that won't happen right away.  We are going to wait awhile to have the baby baptized, because it is important to us to have the family involved.  We just aren't really suppose to pass the baby around.  We also will get a small bassinet because initially he/she will be sleeping in our bedroom, to help with the attachment. 

This whole idea will on one hand be amazing.  I've waited so long to be a mom that when that baby is here I won't want to be away from it.  On the opposite hand though, bringing this baby home has most definitely been a group effort.  We would not be where we are without the help, support, and prayers from each of you.  That is what will make it difficult, because I will want to share our baby with all the people that helped bring them home.  We will still be able to do so, and be able to have lots of visitors, it will just be a little different.  People can still most definitely hold the baby, just not a big group all at once. 

On another note, we just ordered our crib/changing table!!! Thanks to my parents for splitting it with us! My sister (in law) Whitney is going to help us and make a valence and crib skirt too!! My friend Christi offered to make our baby blanket.  We already picked out the sheets that we are basing the nursery off of.  I am excited because we aren't buying a set, our nursery will be unique!!! Once we get the items here and start setting things up, I will post pictures.

I also need to say thank you again for the continued prayers, as well as financial support.  Money that we never expected just keeps coming in.  We've continued to get donations, the football squares fundraiser is doing well, and another friend offered to do a scrapbooking night fundraiser for us too! (As soon as I get those details, I'll post the flier on here as well.)

Well, I warned you this would be a long one.  My heart is just so overjoyed and filled with love for my wonderful husband, thankfulness for the ongoing support, and gratitude to Jesus for putting all of this in place for us.  About a year ago, our hearts were aching after failed infertility treatments.  Tonight they are filled with excitement over what God has in the works for our future.

The Matzkes

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  1. So glad that everything is going so well for you! The wait is the hardest part. It was hard for us, because we picked out our daughter from the start. So, we already had a picture and mourned the two years that we missed out in her life while she went from 11 years old to 13 years old. It's even true of a 13-yer.-old, that they need to bond, too. But, the good news is that they can! Our daughter actually still wanted to be held! And she still desires lots of hugs and kisses and being tucked in. Becoming a parent is one of the hardest and best things ever!