Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Oh Money

Back to back posts?  That's what happens when I'm stuck at home, sick with the stomach flu and bored!

Anyway, we need some suggestions.  We are still about $2,000 short from being able to finalize the Home Study.  I know we aren't quite finished with the home study yet, but we are confident that this is all working out beautifully.  So, we need some fundraising ideas.  Although $2,000 may not seem like a lot of money to some, for us it is.  Especially because we have (with lots of help) paid for everything up to this point without any debt. Let me just break this down a bit:

Application: $1,000 paid & approved!

Upon Start of home study visits: $1,500 paid & going strong!

CORE Training classes: $400 paid & signed up! (Feb 22 &23)

Upon approval and ready to be matched w/birth mother: $5,000 eeek! We're at $3,000 saved so far

Upon Match/Prior to Birth: $6,000

Upon relinquishment and placement: $10,000

Prior to finalization : $500

Finalization costs depend on courts/lawyers fees

So, without the finalization costs or possibility of travel costs, that brings us to $24,000.

I was not sure if I should share this, and up until this point Michael & I have been somewhat vague when fundraising, and when people ask where this money is going.  So, there you have it.  Keep in mind, this does not include getting our home ready for baby, but that is something Michael and I are saving to do on our ownish too. :)

We are working hard.  Really, really hard.  My fear (to God's dismay, I'm sure) is that we will finish something but then not be able to complete a step because of the financial aspect.  That is why we'd love some fundraising ideas!

Here are a couple things I've been told about/read.  A baby bottle fundraiser.  We provide baby bottles and people keep them and fill them up with change.  Whenever it is full, they return it to us.  One cute thing about this is that I just mentioned this to Grandma P (Mike's gma) and her, my mother in law, and our aunt have already done this! I think this would be a great and easy fundraiser to do, ongoing.  In fact, the more I think about this the more it seems like a no brainer.  Easy for us, easy for others.  All we need to do is buy baby bottles, although I would really like to include a note from the 2 of us inside each one.  I guess the question is, who and where do we give them too?

Another idea someone told me about is to have a party.  You can imagine, that instantly after hearing the word 'party' my husband was on board!  How I think it works: we'd have a party with food & drinks provided, and people could either buy a ticket or have a suggested donation for dinner.  On top of that we could ask friends, family and the community to donate items or services (ideas on who to ask and what for?) and either raffle them off or do a silent auction (any preferences or ideas?).  This is the other one I love, partly because it has sort of just fallen into place already.  One of the Chiefs at the fire department already offered to donate as much bbq as we need! *See, God works through people and ways that we would have never thought!*  We just aren't sure about where or when to have it (big issues!), since I think our house would be too small.  Funny side note: My hubby and I wanted to call this an adoptionpalozza, clever I think ;)

That is where we are at and what he have in the works. I vowed to always be honest through this process and honestly our biggest challenge right now, thankfully, is financially. (Yes I am thankful that everything else is so great that money is the only current issue!)  I also was told by a coworker a couple of months ago that I need to put our needs out there in order to hope to succeed with help! So, here I am somewhat recluctantly putting it all out there.  I'd love advice, suggestions, help, etc.

Thanks & God Bless!



  1. Yes the party one is a great idea! Everyone can donate something and it would be fun for everyone helping out and for you two! Ill try and come up with some ideas but you are already coming up with great ones! Let me know what i can do...ill help in any way i can!!

    1. Thanks!!! I might take you up on that-I'm sure a yummy dessert at the party would be good :)

  2. You should put together a casino bus fundraiser. Grants baseball team has done it and they earned about 1000 for the team.

    1. I've never heard of that before, I'll look it up. Thanks!!

  3. How about a Super Bowl 50/50 square where half would go to the winner and half would go towards the adoption fund? Or maybe for this purpose it could be more than half goes to you guys.... :)

    1. That sounds easy and fun! I think we will, maybe we can put it up on facebook...I'll have to work on that. Thanks!!

      Here's an Example.

  4. Sara, something I used at the Bear Valley Christian Church for fund raising was to sell boxes of candy for a $1, for a chance to win something that is personal. The ladies in our church made a quilt from squares they embroidered. We sewed the squares together and made this beautiful quilt. We had ladies from ages 8 to 91 sewing squares. We made 350 boxes out of construction paper and placed a hershey kiss inside each one. In one box was this saying "in the beginning God made chocolate." That person won the quilt. The Women's ministry had $350 dollars and the quilt only cost us a few dollars. My Mother and I made all of the squares with the same pattern on muslin and we sewed them together with some fabric, put a fiberfill lining and a backing on it for about $10 dollars. If you could get your Womens Group at the Church or your family to work on this you will be amazed at the comraderie and support that this provides. The boxes are easy to make and it is fun to cut them out in a group setting and putting them together is a fun project too. My thought for you would be to sell the boxes for $5 each and when you count the number of 12" x 12" squares make it big enough for a king size bed. Your limit on how much you make is on how many boxes you can do. Anyway, it is a thought, and remember this is not a raffle. Colorado has specific laws about Raffles. You are selling boxes of candy.

  5. One last thing. All of the boxes are opened at the same time so no one knows in advance they won the quilt.