Friday, January 4, 2013

If Monica & Chandler can do this, so can we..!!

So most of you probably won't get this reference, but anyone watch the show 'Friends'?  There's an episode where Monica & Chandler are freaking out while waiting for their first home visit.  Of course, theirs was done and over within 30 minutes and they had Joey making them laugh...but still, if they can do it, so can we :)

Beth, our social worker, is awesome.  She just left after our first home study visit (it lasted exactly 2 hours!) and I really don't think it could have gone any better.  The dogs were little darlings, the house was spotless and within 10 minutes we were so comfortable chatting with her.  She asked about all sorts of things:infertility treatments we did, how each of us feel about deciding on adoption, our house, jobs, finances, support we get from others, how we're planning on paying for this, our roles now in our marriage, hobbies, etc.  You name it and she touched on it.  It was almost sort of cool to hear out loud exactly how blessed we are.  That's something you don't get to do everyday, although we all should. 

My husband is a champ.  He was so comfortable and easy going the whole time.  Hearing his answers to different questions made me fall in love with him all over again.  He is so confident in everything and wants to adopt so badly. 

Now-before she came I was a mess. Literally.  Michael said I was talking like I just had a stroke.  I couldn't get my words out, starting sweating, pacing, almost cried.  I don't know if everyone understands just how huge this whole thing is/was.  This lady literally holds the key to building our family through adoption.  A bad home study and you're out of the game (for awhile anyway.) That's a lot riding on this!  Man I am so RELIEVED and so THANKFUL that she is so amazing and that it all went so smoothly.

Here's Michael's take on the whole thing: (Yep, I am making him blog!)

.... Well I just learned what a blog was when  I heard of this one a few weeks back. As I'm finding out, adoption is quite the crazy process. In the beginning I was staying strong for Sara as I usually do and didn't really think I would get as emotionally involved as Sara. Now that we are well into the process I think it is having a bigger impact on my life. I found my self outside this morning re-shoveling the already shoveled sidewalk, sweeping a path way to our covered and frozen garden,  and scrubbing the ceiling in the shower all before the social worker showed up.  I know I make fun of Sara a lot but I'm pretty sure I was the nervous wreck this time. After meeting Beth, we both had peace with this part of the home study. It has reassured me even more that adoption is meant to be!

Our next meeting with her is on the 16th.  We meet with her individually then.  I think it's safe to say we are way less nervous for that than we were today. 

Thanks for the love, keep it coming!!

Sara & Michael


  1. I get the Monica anc Chandler!! And I am so glad that it went well!!! I know you were going crazy but this is sooooo awesome!!!! Your comments brought tears to my eyes....(imagine that!!)
    Love you guys so much!!!!

  2. Mike and Sara, you are both to cute :)
    And, I agree with Janet (tears of joy)!
    We feel blessed that we can stand right along side of you two and experience all your joy and excitement!
    God truly has his hand in this (example: Aspen and Hali) and we KNOW he will bring the funds needed to fulfill his plan and your hearts desire!
    Love and hugs!

  3. We were also blessed with a great social worker. That can really make a world of difference! Too bad biological parents don't have to go through such scrutiny, huh?!

    1. Exactly! But I am so thankful that she is so nice.

  4. I expected you would both 'pass with flying colors'. So happy to hear :) If any two people deserve to be parents, it's the two of you. Love you guys xoxo

  5. So glad it went great!!

  6. Yay! I knew it would go well! You both are amazing and the child you adobt will be lucky to have you two as parents! We love you guys...and i cant wait till you have the child you adobt in your arms!!