Monday, January 7, 2013

Ahh the stress...

Well, our little happy bubble wasn't completely popped, but sure got a little pushed around when we realized how all of these meetings will impact our work.  Don't get me wrong, I know this is SO totally completely worth it, but my husband and I really do love our jobs and the people we work with so it's a little hard knowing we'll be making things harder on everyone else.

We have 3 meetings left to go with Beth (remember-she's our super duper awesome social worker!) The only hard part is she works 9am-2pm Mondays-Fridays.  So that means I'll have to be missing work.  We're hoping we can schedule at least one meeting on an upcoming day off that I have but of course Michael is on shift that day so he'll have to miss!

After this there is a 2 day, 16 hours CORE training class we take.  It's a little expensive but we make it work! Of course, this class is offered on Fridays & Saturdays, so there goes another day.

Like I said, we know that it will all be worth it.  It's just a lot of work in a short amount of time. 

The other thing is that the CBI (Colorado Bureau of Investigation, I think...) is SO backed up with background checks because everyone is trying to get guns these days that instead of the usual 8 weeks they said we are looking at about 16 weeks to get all of that information back.  Thankfully though we turned that paper work in about a month or so ago. 

So, it looks like we should have this whole home study all wrapped up by March (Lord willing).  I guess we just need some prayers for patience during this time. 

Another thing I wanted to touch on (simply because I have had several people ask) is that YES we can find a birthmom on our own!  We are open to newborn up to 6 months, any gender and any race.  If you know someone, or might know someone who knows someone (you get the picture...) please feel free to tell them about us, give our email addresses or phone numbers to them, etc.  We've heard several stories of people who found birthmoms just by word of mouth and we would love for something like that to happen for us!

Ok, my LAST subject for tonight (again only because people have asked...) is yes, we are still/will be for awhile, taking donations for our adoption.  We have set up a seperate accont specifically for the adoption and that money isn't used for anything else.  God has been so good to us and we have been able to come a long way without having to take our loans YET, but we still have about $17,000 to go.  We have our ongoing coffee fundraiser:  or you can just send a check to us or we will let you know when we have another fundraiser.

That's it for now.

Sara (and our dog Halli, because she isn't leaving me alone while I type... :) )


  1. prayers continue!!!

    love you!!

  2. This is good practice for all of the days you'll have to take off for sick kiddos :) - Whitney